Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan

New Mexico’s Climate Adaptation & Resilience Plan

New Mexico’s plan to become more resilient in a changing climate.

New Mexico faces changing climate conditions, and state and local entities must anticipate and prepare to meet these climate challenges, which are expected to disproportionately impact the most vulnerable populations and infrastructure. As the state faces mounting challenges, including extreme heat, wildfires, droughts, storms, heavy precipitation, and associated health risks, the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan provides a blueprint for a more resilient New Mexico.


Empowering communities to preserve and draw upon their cultural heritage and traditional knowledge to enhance social cohesion, community engagement, and collective action for resilience.

Ecosystems & Natural Resources

Protecting, restoring, and managing sustainable natural resources and ecosystems to strengthen ecological resilience and maintain the services these ecosystems provide to our communities.

Human Health & Wellness

Prioritizing public health and well-being to build resilience in the face of public health crises and both chronic and acute environmental health risks, ensuring access to healthcare services, mental health support, and effective disaster preparedness and response.

Water Systems

Dedicated to strengthening the resilience of water-related infrastructure, encompassing water supply systems, wastewater treatment, and flood management. The primary goal is to enhance water quality and distribution while protecting or improving equitable access and water security for all.

Infrastructure & Built Environment

Enhancing the resilience of physical infrastructure, including critical facilities, transportation networks, and social/cultural assets, to withstand and recover from extreme weather events and other disruptions, while also supporting the daily activities of New Mexicans in a sustainable manner.

Local Economies

Strengthen local economies by promoting economic diversification and industry mixes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support small businesses, foster job creation and workforce development opportunities, and encourage sustainable industry practices.

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